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Sports Pitch Maintenance

At Gartell & Son, we thoroughly recommend you look after the maintenance of your sports pitch in order to reap the benefits in the long-term. This way, not only do your teams get to play on the best quality field in and out of season, ensuring happy and hopefully successful players, but it will also extend the lifespan of your land drainage systems…

Gartell Sports Pitch Maintenance



Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus are all important to your football pitch. However, they can also be the enemy when found in excess. It is important to choose the right fertiliser and seek advice from a turf expert before applying any products to your pitch.

Core sampling can be used to assess the exact needs of your pitch and ensure you choose the correct fertiliser for your needs.

Things to consider:

1) Solid or Liquid fertiliser?


2) A product for every season


3) Fine Turf or Lawn & Outfield?


4) Conventional release or controlled release?


5) Organic or mineral-based fertiliser?

Exeter Grass Sports Pitch


Weed control is really important if you want to maximise not only the aesthetic appeal of your pitches, but also the playability and resistance to wear.

When considering the use of agro-chemicals, it is important to gain specialist advice and service from a BASIS qualified advisor.

It is your responsibility to make sure that anyone who applies agro-chemicals to your pitches is licensed and qualified to do so and is applying licensed products in accordance with a full risk assessment, as per the manufacturer’s instructions and in compliance with a relevant COSHH assessment.

Given the above, here are some other general points to consider:


Exeter University Sports Pitch


When applying top dressing, take special care if you have sand slit drainage, a sand constructed pitch or a pitch that has been heavily top dressed in the past.




Mark the pitches with approved white line marker as required throughout the playing season. Make sure the lines are true and comply with the rules and laws of the games being played.

Gartell and Son now supplies a range of top quality paints and powders by Rigby Taylor Paint, the UK’s leading manufacturer of line marking products suitable for turf, hard surfaces and synthetic grass.

Other specialist tasks might be required from time to time, such as worm control, spraying against specific pathogens (Fusarium, Brown Patch, etc). Prevention is better than cure, but if you do need more serious intervention, enlist the help of a qualified Agronomist. Correct identification of the problem will ensure you do not fork out too much money on the solution.

As with herbicides, we would recommend you use a specialist unless you are qualified to do the operations yourself, as it is essential that you comply with the regulations.

Sports Pitch Marker


Goal posts and sockets need to be checked regularly. There is a lot of guidance available on this from the FA and Football Foundation at www.thefa.com


We would recommend against the use of rollers in the maintenance of winter sports pitches. Even if you wish to gently consolidate an over-loosened surface, a mower is probably just as effective. Though a roller may give a smoother surface in the short term, the negative compaction effects, the smearing and the consolidation of poor levels will only cause greater problems in the future.

Put back the surface by divoting and repairing as described previously. If you have too many pitches to do like this, then use a drag mat or light chain harrow to lift the grass and smooth the surface.

If you really have to roll then bear in mind that you will need to off-set the compaction caused by other operations such as aeration.

Sports Pitch Goals

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