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Sport Pitch Drainage

Whatever the sporting activity, efficient drainage is essential to maintain a good playing surface. Loss of use due to waterlogging or turf damage can result in a backlog of games, dissatisfied sportsmen and women, lost fixtures and even serious financial losses.

Gartell & Son Ltd has invested significantly in both plant and equipment specifically designed for natural sports turf facilities, much of which has been developed in house and built to our own specification.

We offer many sports field drainage solutions including, primary systems and secondary systems using rubber granules as a back fill material, for which we were shortlisted for an IOG innovation award in 2010.

Efficient water drainage solutions will eliminate waterlogging, reduce compaction and allow easier maintenance and more flexible management of valuable resources. Improved drainage will result in improved soil structure and a better quality grass sward.

Sports Pitch Drainage


Rubber Banding

Gartell & Son has also introduced an innovative but cost-effective secondary sports pitch drainage solution technique, which is installed at right angles to the primary system. The slits are 15mm wide and have a maximum depth of 300mm and centres are 350mm. This is backfilled with rubber granules, which is a free draining material. For more information, please see our rubber banding page.

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  • Installing drainage on a bank at Axminster FC
  • Intergration of rubber granules to the surface of Axminster football pitch
  • Top soiling after drainage at Axminster FC
  • Drainage and top soiling completed at Axminster FC
  • Virti-draining and power brushing in one operation at Axminster FC
  • Secondary drainage at Exeter University using rubber granules

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