Gartell and Son, based in Templecombe, South Somerset, which has extensive expertise in “Earthworks Management”, is the preferred choice for a diverse range of earthmoving contracts.  

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Gartell & Son - Earthworks GPS mapping

3D/GPS Machine Control

Revolutionary Machine Control & Guidance System

Our substantial fleet of machinery, overseen and maintained by our highly qualified in-house team, ensures the successful and consistent completion of earthworks projects within specified timelines. 

Equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology, our fleet maximises performance, minimises costs, and significantly reduces emissions, demonstrating our commitment to environmental conservation.

The GPS systems in our machines guarantee clients that each earthworks operation adheres to precise specifications and tolerances in the overall design model.

Gartell and son delivers sustainable earthwork solutions across commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors, offering comprehensive services: 

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our in-house fleet features specialised equipment with state-of-the-art machine GPS control technology, optimising efficiency in project execution.


  • Engineering Expertise: The dedicated Engineering Department conducts site surveys, modelling, and volumetric analysis and precisely addresses specific earthwork requirements.


  • Leica / Topcon Equipment: We generate precise site data and enable GPS machine control capabilities for enhanced project control by employing the latest engineering tools.


  • Tailored Earthwork Solutions: We provide clients with engineered solutions, manage excess soils, and import aggregates and clean subsoils to meet construction needs.


  • Advanced Site Equipment: Equipping our site engineers with full GPS and Total Stations and advanced software on our plant machinery ensures superior site precision and efficiency. 

For more information or to visit one of our projects, please get in touch with us on 01963 370752 

3D Machine Control

Gartell and Son have invested in high-performance plant and equipment to deliver outstanding cost efficiency, along with enhanced safety standards. Using the latest automated construction technology has major safety advantages, reducing exposure of site personnel, and therefore minimising risk.

With state-of-the-art LPS total station, GPS controlled dozers and excavators, we can achieve construction and excavation processes which are robust and economical. We can perform tasks much more quickly and cost-effectively, such as setting out, constant mid-job surveying and high-precision trimming. At the same time, this market-leading technology enables us to maintain the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

We use the latest Topcon equipment on a range of, Komatsu dozers and excavators, delivering safety and cost benefits for all types and sizes of earthworks projects.

New Automatic Machine Control Systems technology is constantly being developed. We are committed to regularly upgrading our fleet of Machine Control equipment, as new models become available from our preferred suppliers.

3D Machine Control

We can offer practical solutions for all mass excavation, site preparations and fine grading requirements. Laser levelling is particularly effective for preparation works for floor slabs, parking areas and road works. Gartell works across the South West, including Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire and Cornwall. Contact us on 01963 370752 for all your laser levelling requirements.

We have worked with Gartell & Son on many jobs historically over the last 15 years. Our experience has been brilliant – they never fail to give good service and good quality, always returning our calls within a matter of hours.

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